Location: Moncton, New Brunswick

Pump House Brewery, one of the largest and oldest microbreweries in Atlantic Canada, has expanded greatly during its 20 years of operations. The company was well-poised for further growth and sought Stiletto’s support to do so through export market expansion. Pump House’s situation was not unusual; more than XX% of Canadian businesses are involved in export activities.


Stiletto’s comprehensive market research approach involved:

  • Confirming opportunities in identified markets;
  • Reviewing existing distributors, identifying additional distributors, and determining what is needed to expand market potential and distribution partnerships.
  • Providing a detailed logistics review and analysis as well as solutions to overcome trade barriers. 
  • Delivering a high-level export plan to guide the Pump House team in strategy and execution and share with potential funding partners. 

A recommendation was made to establish an export division within the company. Stiletto provided the client with coaching, mentoring and logistics support to operationalize this option step-by-step. Checklists of action items and required ongoing activities were prepared for Pump House using a practical, time-saving approach.


After completing the export strategy, the client launched its new products in the identified markets the following year, increasing overall revenue by 256 per cent in one year alone.