The Canadian Centre for Cyber Risk Management (C3RM) was established in 2013 as a consortium of 10 businesses, educational institutions, industry associations, and other stakeholders with a mission to build a cyber risk management cluster for Canada.

Cyber-attacks are increasing worldwide, with global costs of these attacks against intellectual property, data and systems totaling between $70 billion and $400 billion per year. There are a number of groups in Canada focused on cyber security through research, industry-led associations, government services and programs, awareness campaigns, and solution-driven organizations.

There is a need to increase public awareness of cyber risks, quantify the value of cyber practices for businesses, and define what skills are needed to address cyber risk management issues. There are a number of players in the ecosystem, but the C3RM group focuses on risk management versus cyber security alone.  C3RM needed to find a way to bridge the gap.


Stiletto worked with C3RM to conduct the necessary research and stakeholder consultations to confirm gaps within the Canadian ecosystem. We helped the organization identify potential opportunities to drive its agenda forward on behalf of its members.


Stiletto continues to work with the client to drive this initiative forward, and is in the process of helping to build a pan-Canadian consortium to establish a cluster in Cyber Security and Risk Management in Canada.