Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick

Founded in September 2017, Beyond Organic is a medical cannabis company located in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The founders sought outside expertise to validate the business model for their new business venture, as well as assist in the development of a business plan


Stiletto conducted a review of the company’s current business and operational structure: 

  • Research to confirm trends, best practices, and gaps in the medical marijuana industry was completed. 
  • Based on the information gathered, Stiletto provided a comparative analysis of the value proposition of existing enterprises and Beyond Organic’s proposed offering. 
  • A detailed business model was prepared, including a five-year financial forecast and sustainability model, highlighting key considerations. 

Based on the research, financial modelling, analysis, and client consultations, Stiletto created a five-year business plan for Beyond Organic. The plan was supplemented with a slide deck and summary document to easily share with investors and other external audiences.


The founders have used the business plan and presentation materials to support their meetings with potential investors. The company has been successful in securing initial investments and is preparing to launch the business.