A national Indigenous organization was considering building a new regional institution to help increase overall education levels. The organization felt they had several unanswered questions about next steps and wanted an outside consultant to provide research support, prepare them for a full feasibility study, and to help identify potential locations for the institution. The organization noticed that there may be like institutions in the area, and was interested in global best practices.


Stiletto researched and aggregated educational articles and other materials to identify data that could contribute to the feasibility study:

  • A literature scan of recent information was completed for global best practices.
  • A recommended a list of criteria (as well as suggested weighting for each) was created to aid in location selection and prioritization.
  • An outline was produced of topics that would be involved in a feasibility study of this type, positioning it as a business case exercise. In this fashion, there was a greater opportunity for the region to create a cultural shift and look at both social and economic benefits of the initiative.
  • Key questions, thematic areas and next steps were identified.


Base on the information gathered, Stiletto provided an easy-to-follow road map for next steps in this project. A task that was considered complicated, multilayered and potentially unwieldly was organized into a manageable, understandable process.