Location: Toronto, Ontario

Stiletto was engaged to conduct a detailed market landscape and opportunity analysis for the proposed Advanced Communities Centre at Centennial College. The facility’s focus was to be on sustainable urban agriculture and supporting clean technologies. A number of questions were outstanding: Was the opportunity solid? Would it support current labour market and community needs? How would the organization’s commitment to experiential learning be accommodated? What industry and educational sectors would need to be considered, and would it be financially viable for the institution?


Stiletto undertook a multi-level scan of the local sustainable urban agriculture, agri-food, and cleantech ecosystem:

  • Extensive secondary research on these areas was completed, including market landscape, market trends, economic trends, and jurisdictional reviews. 
  • A gap analysis was produced to identify current activities and gaps in research infrastructure, research capabilities and industry activities domestically and internationally. 
  • Comprehensive internal and external stakeholder engagement was also conducted. 

Based on this research and analyses, Stiletto confirmed the opportunity for Centennial College. A feasibility exercise identified the Centre’s potential positioning within the ecosystem and validated the assumptions required to develop a sustainable venture. Stakeholder presentation materials were also created to assist the College in its discussions with partners.


Centennial College continues to use the plan as a guide for proceeding to next steps with this project. Stiletto has continued to be engaged in this project.