Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick

The Stan Cassidy Foundation – a private, registered charitable organization that supports the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation and its staff – began selling assistive devices invented at the Centre. The Foundation felt that they could be better capitalizing on this opportunity with some marketing expertise. The Foundation engaged Stiletto Consulting to help evaluate the potential for commercializing devices and intellectual property developed through the Centre and its partners.


As part of the project, Stiletto conducted:

  • focus groups with therapists as well as outreach to potential partners;
  • identified potential medical device manufacturers for licensing the technology;
  • research on the market potential and current market trends for product development and commercialization in medical rehabilitation centres; and,  
  • a financial “what-if” analysis of potential commercialization models. 


The exercise validated that an opportunity existed for the Foundation to further commercialize existing and future intellectual property created at the Centre. Stiletto delivered recommendations for how the Foundation should move forward with the initiative.