Location: Moncton, New Brunswick

Venn Innovation, formerly Tech South East, sought to transition from a local to a provincial mandate to support innovation-based economic development. The need for a thorough strategic review and planning process was identified to strategically position the organization within the provincial innovation ecosystem.


Stiletto identified and quantified and mapped the innovation marketplace in New Brunswick through a number of activities:

  • A review of corporate and membership information was completed.
  • Current member and stakeholder outreach was conducted. 
  • A mapped positioning and service delivery diagram of stakeholders in the New Brunswick innovation ecosystem was created.
  • A gap analysis in service delivery for industry and the start-up community was produced. 

Based on the information gathered and consultations with the client, Stiletto prepared positioning and strategic documents that demonstrated the recommended role for the organization in the local and provincial ecosystem. Options to position the organization for a sustainable provincial business model were compiled, including recommendations for communicating the organization’s new value proposition to internal and external audiences.


The organization successfully transitioned to a provincial mandate and focused primarily on helping companies to scale. The organization has made significant progress since the launch of the new position, closing more than XX CAD in funding.