Location: Peterborough, Ontario

Stiletto worked with Trent University, the City of Peterborough, and Peterborough Economic Development to develop a strategic plan and business case for the development of a new research and technology park – the Cleantech Commons. Formerly the Trent Research and Innovation Park, the park is designed to be a convergence point for academic and industry partners driving innovation in clean, green and low-carbon technologies, water technologies, contaminant analysis, agri-biotechnology and biomaterials. It was hoped that the rebranding would bring new companies to the area, spur research opportunities, and support student-led start-ups.


Stiletto conducted an environmental scan to identify external factors that may have a bearing on the successful development of the park. This included:

  • researching political and / or economic trends, competitor analyses, partner identification, sector profiling and value propositions; 
  • analyzing opportunities and potential areas for focus and excellence;
  • creating business models, and identifying funding options; and, 
  • providing sample metrics and benchmarking.


Stiletto delivered a strategic plan and execution plan which continues to provide guidance to the client. As of Fall 2019, Trent University and the City of Peterborough are courting potential tenants for the park for the first phase of development. Two-thirds of future tenants are from outside the region, with several already engaged in collaborative research with the university.