Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick

A strategic priority for New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) was reducing barriers for underrepresented groups to access post-secondary education. One of their key challenges was non-traditional learners could be better served through college recruitment and retention activities. Stiletto was contracted to research and assess ways to welcome more learners from these groups to the College.


From existing research, Stiletto conducted a literature scan and analysis to identify underrepresented groups and a cross-referenced list of barriers that prevent each group from participating in post-secondary education. 

We also conducted a comparative analysis pertaining to activities of NBCC and comparable institutions facing similar obstacles. Best practices from across North America were summarized and prioritized according to NBCC’s local community needs. Partnership opportunities with local groups serving underrepresented communities was also considered. Based on the research and analysis, we identified the key groups and the strategies needed for reducing key barriers for those groups.


The final report summarized the data collected and the identified opportunities for NBCC as well as a recommended roll-out for the next phases of the project.