The Canadian Association of University Research Parks (AURP Canada) is a national not-for-profit association that represents 26 research and technology parks across the country.  AURP Canada develops partnerships with universities, all levels of government, and economic development agencies, in an effort to share ideas and resources that will spark sustainability, progressive standardization, and growth of the research park sector.

In the course of developing its foreign direct investment (FDI) program, AURP Canada worked with potential clients in Europe and the United States to share the opportunity of locating in Canadian research and technology parks. It became evident that the focus among the parks was too broad to result in meaningful leads from other markets.


Stiletto worked closely with participating parks to confirm areas of strength in order to narrow the focus to two to four primary sectors and specific subsectors. Once we identified the focus for each park, we conducted research on local supporting capabilities within academia, government and industry.  This allowed us to create sector profiles that demonstrate focused local clusters.


Stiletto created sector profiles and mapped sector and subsector opportunities for participating Canadian technology parks. Parks are now able to focus their efforts and are receiving more targeted leads for potential clients from international markets looking to establish a presence in Canada.