Northeast Community College

Bringing Community Together Around a Cluster Development

Our Expertise
Develop Your Park, Cluster or Community

The Situation

Northeast Community College wanted to create a technology park that would build community. It needed support developing and socializing the concept and help bringing stakeholders into the mix for the overall concept of research and technology parks and what this could mean for the Norfolk area.

Our Approach

Stiletto facilitated a workshop with institution, park, and community leaders to introduce the concept of a research and technology park. Stiletto then worked with the team to develop an overall concept framework. The project also included stakeholder engagement and onboarding, interviews, meetings, an environmental scan to confirm sector focus potential, and interim leadership support to guide the potential implementation of the concept. Stiletto provided both strategic and tactical support for the project, offering visioning and concept development support as well as hands-on coaching, project management, material development, and in-person facilitation.

The Results

Stiletto’s strategic planning and project management work with Northeast Community College led to the institution validating and advancing its technology park plans by:

“We greatly benefited from Laura’s outside expertise with her vast industry experience and her go-getter attitude to help us build confidence with our stakeholders, helping us demonstrate that there is a clear plan and that we can be successful with this technology park. As a result of working with Stiletto, we got the five stakeholders we needed onboard and $250,000 for the strategic planning process, which includes funding from the stakeholders. If I were to rank how happy I am with Stiletto’s work on a scale from 1 to 10, it would be an 11.” Derek BiermanFormer Vice President of Technology Services | Northeast Community College