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Big ambitions and an appetite for a better tomorrow

We work at the intersection of industry, government, and academia. We help community organizations, post-secondary and higher-education institutions, research and technology parks, government agencies, and companies move from insight to action and outcomes.

Our clients vary by size, sector and project, but they have one thing in common: big ambitions and an appetite for a better tomorrow. Stiletto helps them get there.

We bring domain expertise in the technology market to our work with clients in emerging technologies and advanced fields, merging them with traditional economies to enable broad-based economic and social benefits.


Traditional Industries
Smart grid
Advanced manufacturing
Smart and urban agri-food
Smart Cities
Mining Innovation
Health and health innovation

Research Parks, Districts, Hubs and Communities

At the intersection of academia, government, and business, your project drives economic development by capitalizing on your community’s unique sense of place, research strengths, and industry expertise. Along with managing the diverse interests of multisector stakeholders, we can help you connect your research and private-sector partners, hyper-focus on your niche, and align your programming and infrastructure.

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Economic Development Agencies

You want to enrich your community by merging traditional economies with high-tech sectors and the workforce of the future. There is potential to leverage existing programs, develop new programs, partnerships, or initiatives, but you are mindful of staff resources and budgetary constraints. You need specialized support and extra bandwidth to evaluate the opportunities for new and existing businesses, industry verticals in your market, and strategic economic initiatives. We validate your assumptions and chart a clear path forward through comparative analysis, exemplary jurisdiction review, deep data collection and analysis, workforce and business count trends and opportunities, and core investment attraction opportunities for the community and its companies.

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Academic Institutions

Your university or college has a wealth of expertise and infrastructure that creates many opportunity paths. You need support in understanding how to leverage your assets to support your institutional and community aims. From developing centres of excellence, to forging new partnerships within and beyond campus and to overcoming town-and-gown tensions, Stiletto can help. We help to identify how to best leverage and grow your research capabilities, educational programming, and experiential learning strengths. We’ll test the feasibility of your idea, identify potential funding sources, provide a detailed landscape and opportunity analysis, help you identify direct and indirect stakeholders, and align all parties around your initiative.

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You have a lot of potential paths to growth, but what are your most strategic markets and customers to pursue? How do you reach them? And where can you turn for funding and export support?

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business looking to make your next move, we position you for growth through new verticals, product offerings, and markets. Stiletto has worked with organizations worldwide to determine global best practices, competitive advantages, and export strategies. We can help you with partnership development in Canada, the US, and Europe; government relations; funding programs; and even sales and marketing strategies and materials.

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Non-Profit Organizations, NGOs, & Industry Associations

You have big visions for greater impact, but your human and financial resources are limited. You are mindful of constraints around your staff time and budgets in assessing worthwhile pursuits and advocating for change. From special projects to strategic planning and change management, we help turn your aspirations into clear plans. Stiletto shapes complicated, multilayered and potentially unwieldy ideas into a manageable process spanning, as needed, donor relations, fundraising, volunteer coordination, action planning, and governance.

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