Grow Your Business Through Export

An export plan is a valuable extension of your business plan. It allows you to evaluate your company’s potential advantages and risks and determine the optimal approach to achieving your international sales objectives. Capturing this information in a logical plan also gives you credibility when dealing with lenders. Stiletto has worked extensively in international markets, particularly the United States, Canada, Europe, Brazil, and China. We also bring considerable experience with federal, state, provincial, and lower-tier municipality programs to identify investment and trade opportunities.

Export Plan

We can help you build a plan that identifies your differentiators, assesses competition, and includes logistical plans and budgets. We’ll also help you identify potential markets and develop partnerships that extend your reach. Plus, get expert advice about how to anticipate and manage challenges, price your product, and reach new markets at trade shows and through other marketing channels.

Competitive and Comparative Matrix

Understanding the market is crucial to finding your unique value proposition. We can help you develop a comprehensive understanding of who else is in the market space and what they offer. Our matrices give you an at-a-glance view of your competition and include an in-depth analysis of what these data mean for your business.

Market Intelligence

Make good decisions faster. Our experienced team of researchers delivers customized insights about market and workforce trends, technology and innovation developments, social and cultural indicators, and economic forecasts. We cut through the data noise to give you meaningful insights and helpful recommendations that will help you take your business to the next level.

Financial and Sustainability Modelling

Feel confident about your organization’s future with financial modelling that provides sound forecasts. Our financial experts will help you identify and plan for risks and opportunities using market-based assumptions and established financial indicators. Models come with user-friendly explanations to help you interpret and act on information, and fillable documents allow you to adjust inputs as your project progresses.

Feasibility Assessment

Build support for your new initiative by establishing its potential for long-term success. Our feasibility plan will take a deep dive into the potential market for your product or service and will give you a detailed assessment of financial opportunities and risks to consider as you plan your next steps.

Funding Support

We have worked with more than 200 companies and communities and closed more than $350 million in deals, grants, and new revenue opportunities on behalf of our clients. We provide end-to-end support, including identifying funding opportunities, representing clients at meetings with funders and government organizations, writing proposals and grant applications, and developing marketing and communication materials.