Reach your imagined future faster

Do you have big ideas and goals but don’t know where to start?

We can help.

Stiletto sets a clear, confident path. Backed by rigorous research and our proven processes, our comprehensive approach spans research, analysis, strategy, representation, and execution support for evidence-based decisions that yield tangible results. We’ll cut the time to launch and show you opportunities you hadn’t imagined.

Develop Your Park, Cluster, or Community

Are you building a new technology park? Expanding an innovation district? Are you looking for ways to increase your park’s value to its tenants and your community? We can help.

We take you through a proven process to develop, validate, visualize, and sell your concept.

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Drive Economic & Workforce Development

You want to capitalize on your community’s assets and mobilize investment strategies to fuel growth. We help economic development organizations, provincial and state governments, and industry associations assess their opportunities and build plans to make them real.

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Launch Your Strategic Initiative

Whether you’re a business, industry association, community organization or academic institution, you have an idea for a unique project that you need to validate, articulate.

We take you from exploring your raw idea right through to a roadmap to make it real.

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Grow Your Business Through Export

Interested in new markets but don’t know where to begin?

We help you identify strategic markets and verticals to connect to new customers and grow your revenue streams. From market research and competitor analyst to export plans, we propel you to right-fit opportunities.

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Win Proposals & Secure Funding

Are you wasting hours writing proposals that are not resulting in sales? Unsure of how to navigate government funding and support programs? We can help.

Stiletto will help you clarify your message and find the right projects and programs to pursue.

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