Drive Economic and Workforce Development

Our end-to-end support for strategic planning and program development helps economic development organizations, provincial and state governments, and industry associations. From identifying priority sectors and economic development priorities, to developing workforce and immigration strategies, to providing succession planning and economic and social impact assessments, Stiletto’s expert research, strategy, and execution support charts a clear path for your growth.

Economic Development Strategies

We build strategies that focus your efforts and position you to get results. We’ll zero in on the right opportunities, messaging, and tactical solutions so you can maximize your outcomes. Along with providing market validation and financial models to demonstrate your plan’s impacts, our extensive experience in international markets and federal, state, and provincial programs keeps us alert to investment and trade opportunities. Most importantly, our economic development approach is holistic, considering your community’s unique assets and priorities in a broader context of social and economic factors. The market intelligence, strategic framework, and action plan we develop will be customized to maximize your strengths, accelerate your progress, and measure your success in priority sectors.

Workforce Development Strategies

Behind every successful sector is a talented workforce. Let us help you build or strengthen yours. Starting with in-depth market research, we help you identify and map existing workforce assets, including the number of businesses and workers in priority sectors. Next we develop workforce surveys and conduct stakeholder outreach to understand opportunities and pain points. The outcome: an achievable workforce development plan that responds to the specific challenges of your industry and provides next steps that are ready to implement.

Immigration Strategies

Newcomers are an important part of your plans to grow your population and economy and nurture a more diverse, dynamic community. To attract and retain immigrants, you must understand your assets, gaps, and opportunities. Stiletto can help you develop a custom strategy based on an in-depth assessment that includes asset mapping, newcomer interviews, and stakeholder outreach. Using this assessment, we’ll recommend focused activities to drive newcomer growth and support long-term retention.

Succession Planning for Businesses

By supporting the businesses in your community, you support overall economic growth. Succession planning and supporting the sale of existing organizations helps ensure their value is retained. A solid succession plan provides a roadmap to future success. Our succession planning tools include targeted surveys and focus groups to spotlight gaps and opportunities. Use our succession planning training modules and toolkit with your community, including a 10-step process for potential buyers and sellers and content to support buyers and sellers during the transition process.

Economic and Social Impact Assessments

Quantify the value of your economic strategy to show its long-term development potential, confirm total impacts, sell the concept to the community, and support buy-in with various levels of government.

Along with measuring direct and indirect impacts on job growth, industry growth and transition, and taxation to the local community and state/province, Stiletto has a proprietary process for measuring social impact using the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We go beyond the traditional metrics of jobs, GDP, and taxation impacts. Our process helps to identify ways you currently impact society as a whole – and more importantly specific intentional tactics and activities you can take to have an even greater impact.