We’ll help you make your next big plan a success.

Whether you are a business, industry association, economic development group or university, we can help you with your growth initiative.

Our services are designed to support the growth of new and existing business enterprises, new sector clusters and strategic economic initiatives.

Each service includes research, analysis, strategy, representation and execution support so that you have access to all of the tools and resources needed to make evidence-based decisions and take your project over the finish line – getting you tangible results faster.


“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”Winston Churchill

Are you validating a concept but do not know where to begin? Is your business focused in the right areas and the right markets? We can help.

You have a limited amount of time, money and human resources . If you use those resources on a specific area of focus, you will make more of an impact than if you apply them to many different areas. We build strategies that will help to focus your efforts and position you to get results. We’ll hone in on the right opportunities, messaging, and tactical solutions so you can maximize your outcomes. 

Having a good strategy allows you to say no – even to the good ideas – ideas that may lead you away from your overall goal. 

We’ll help you focus and develop strategies in the following areas:

  • Feasibility review and analysis
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Marketing and business development
  • Short- and long-term strategic planning
  • Government relations
  • Focus and positioning statements
  • Value proposition development
  • Market validation
  • Competitor analysis

This suite of services is designed for start-up ventures, SMEs, industry associations, community organizations, and academia.

Does your community have unique sector strengths and capabilities that have the potential for national and international leadership? We can help.

Sector strengths and capabilities have the potential for the creation of focused clusters that can drive economic prosperity. Clusters are groups of interconnected businesses and institutions in close proximity that benefit from their mutual connections. Clusters stimulate innovation and new business formation in a key industry sector.




Stiletto supports the growth of clusters and niche sectors because we understand the impact their success has on the national economy.

This suite of services is designed for regional and national industry associations, and all levels of government.

We support cluster growth through:

  • Reviews of sector ecosystems
  • Stakeholder consultations
  • Ecosystem mapping
  • Gap analysis
  • Opportunity identification
  • Strategy, execution and implementation assistance

Are you ready to enter a new market, but do not know where to begin? We can help.

Exporting is a key driver of Canada’s economic growth and provides companies with a strategic way to expand their markets beyond the borders of Canada’s relatively small domestic market. While Canadian companies struggle to grow in our tepid domestic economy, the weak Canadian dollar is giving the advantage to export-oriented firms. According to HSBC, just 10% of Canadian companies are selling abroad and a mere 550 companies account for 70% of Canadian goods exports.

An export plan is an extension of your business plan. It allows you to evaluate the potential benefits and risks for your company and details the approach to achieve your international sales objectives. Capturing this information in a logical plan can provide you with credibility when dealing with lenders.


We have worked extensively in international markets, particularly the United States, Europe, Brazil and China and we have considerable experience with domestic federal and provincial programs for both investment and trade opportunities. We’ll support your enterprise through one or a combination of the following services:

  • Market research
  • Trend analysis
  • Competitor profiling
  • Competitor positioning
  • Corporate position
  • Target market analysis
  • Export market strategy
  • National and international business development

This suite of services is designed to help SMEs companies get to market or expand their domestic and international presence. It is also designed for economic development organizations, provincial governments and industry associations to mobilize foreign direct investment strategies.

Are you wasting hours writing proposals that are not resulting in sales? Are you unsure how to navigate government programs? We can help.

Proposal and grant writing is time consuming and requires specialized expertise. Experience in writing grant applications and proposals has been proven to increase the odds of success.

Stiletto will help you clarify your message and find the right projects and programs to pursue.  We’ll show you how to maximize your output and minimize your investments of time and money.


This service is designed for industry associations, startup ventures, and SMEs.

We’ll support you through:

  • Reviews of your existing materials
  • Guidance and/or preparation of presentations
  • Coaching on “perfecting your pitch”
  • Strategic reviews of appropriate grants for your organization
  • Undertaking government relations on your behalf – helping to shepherd your proposals through the government approval process to ensure the right information is presented to the right audience.

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We will tailor our team of professionals to your specific needs and project demands. Our associates are experts in their field, from seasoned consultants to up and coming talent. We have a passion for our work – and we deliver.

Laura is the president & CEO for Stiletto, which she founded in 2010.  Throughout her 20-year career, Laura has cultivated expertise in execution and strategy, positioning organizations for success, stakeholder engagement, collaboration, government relations and closing deals for the knowledge industries, industry associations, and government.  Laura is an MBA candidate at the University of New Brunswick, and operates Stiletto from both New Brunswick and Ontario.

Laura O’Blenis

President & CEO
Sonya provides Stiletto with expertise in corporate strategy, marketing and communications, business planning, program launch and positioning. She’s the founder of Sonya Shorey Consulting and has extensive experience in communications, branding and change management strategies; government relations; and successful proposals and funding applications for national tech and innovation players.

Sonya Shorey

Primary Collaborator & Communications Strategist
David works with Stiletto on the AURP Canada file to help identify partnerships and collaborations between Canada and the United States.  With a mission for advancing Canadian engagement and interest in Silicon Valley, he has an extensive network that includes Canada Moose Lounge, Expansion Quebec, and senior government and academic partners. David is a lawyer and a member of the Bar in both Ontario and Massachusetts.

David Stewart

In-Market Representative, Silicon Valley, USA
Patrick McIntyre serves as Stiletto’s senior policy and business analyst.  As the principal of Oceanmount Consulting, based in Ottawa, Ontario, he provides expertise in government relations, policy and start-up development.

Patrick McIntyre

Senior Policy & Business Analyst
Lynda is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) and President and CEO of Aperture Capital Consulting, a Fredericton, New Brunswick-based consulting firm.  Her specialties include corporate governance, administration of corporate finance projects, raising capital, business modelling and financial analysis.  Lynda is also well versed in developing and providing interim financial management solutions.

Lynda Savoie

Chief Financial Analyst
Sarah is the founder of Sloan Consults in Ottawa, Ontario, and our director of business analysis. She provides Stiletto with strategic advice in science and technology, and innovation ecosystems.  Sarah holds a Masters from the University of Melbourne, specializing in climate change.

Sarah Sloan

Director of Business Analysis
Ariella is a veteran researcher, with over 10 years of scientific research experience. Her research focused on medicinal chemistry (BSc, Bar-Ilan University), organometallic and electrochemistry (MSc, Weizmann Institute of Science) and Nanotechnology (PhD, University of Toronto), and a recent transition into healthcare (Postdoctoral research, University Health Network – Princess Margaret Cancer Centre). Since leaving academia, Ariella has worked with Stiletto, providing research, analysis and strategic advice in science, technology and innovation ecosystems. Ariella is based in Toronto, Ontario.

Ariella Lukach, Phd

Director of Corporate Research
Meg is Stiletto’s Director of Communications.  Her specialties are in concise messaging, consolidating information, interviewing and proofreading.  She also undertakes Stiletto’s survey design and development. Meg is the principal of Meg Cumby Consulting, based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.

Meg Cumby

Director of Communications
Austin offers 30+ years of experience with research and technology parks and technology-related economic growth. Having served in leadership roles with Innovation Place, and AURP Canada and AURP international, he has been recognized by the International Association of Science Parks as a research park expert. Austin is a trained facilitator of the Pacific Institute’s Investment in Excellence program and a co-founder of TALM Services.

Austin Beggs

Research and Technology Park Strategist
Sherisse has 15+ years of experience with trade and logistics and is a Certified Customs Specialist. She is the founder and operator of Export-able Consulting, specializing in coaching businesses on international logistics support to streamline the importing and exporting process. Sherisse provides Stiletto with expertise on tariff classification, free trade agreements, trade sections, export documentation, and other business exporting requirements.

Sherisse Redman

Trade Logistics Executive
Joshua serves as a researcher and writer with Stiletto. Working out of Fredericton, NB, he provides the firm with primary research and analysis. Joshua holds a Masters from Carleton University and he is currently completing a Ph.D in English Literature at the University of New Brunswick.

Joshua Prescott

Tiffany is Stiletto’s senior marketing strategist, specializing in marketing and business development, and client/partner/supplier relationship building. She holds a Masters of Business Administration from Royal Roads University, with a focus on management consulting.  Tiffany is based in Vancouver, BC.

Tiffany Chester

Senior Marketing Strategist
Patricia is the owner of Infotrova Research Services Canada, and provides Stiletto with expertise in deep information services and high-level research.  She holds a Masters in Information Studies (Library Science) from the University of Toronto, and Masters of Education (Distance Education) from Athabasca University.  Patricia is based in Rockwood, Ontario.

Patricia Presti

Chief Information Services & Lead Researcher
Silvia serves as the legal research analyst for Stiletto, specializing in legal research and policy and regulations.  Holding a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Ottawa, Silvia is currently completing a Masters of Information from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Information.  Silvia is based in Toronto, Ontario.

Silvia Valdman

Lawyer & Legal Research Analyst
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We have worked with over 100 companies and closed more than $300 million in grants, new revenue and deals since 2010.

Here are some examples of the great organizations we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Ross Ventures Ltd
Knowledge Park
Charlotte Street Arts Centre
University of New Brunswick
Ignite Frederiction
Dr. J. Herbert Smith
C-Therm Technologies
College of Craft and Design
RtTech Software
Research Consultants
Vision Coaching
Propel ICT
Centennial College
Peterborough Economic Development
Trent University
Stan Cassidy Foundation
The Black Arcs
Opportunities New Brunswick
NB Power


Get the guidance and tools you need to confidently move forward.  

You’re faced with a big opportunity, but you may lack the resources, expertise, or capacity to seize it and make the most of it. Other consulting firms don’t offer the specific expertise you need to get the results you desire.

That’s where we come in. Our expert team operates where science and technology meet business opportunity on the national and international stages. We use evidence-based research and strategy to identify new markets, validate concepts and fine tune value propositions so you can make the best-informed decisions for your organization.

We’ll help you focus your business, position your offering and bring clarity to your message in order to captivate investors, clients and partners.

We’re a consortium of consultants and also bring in strategic partners to make sure you have access to all the right expertise for your specific needs. Specializing in knowledge industries, commercialization, technology transfer and innovation, we bring a team of professionals to the table as problem solvers to help you dig deeper into complex issues and industries.

With Stiletto, you get a partner that is invested in your success. We go beyond delivering plans and materials, giving you personal guidance and advice on how to confidently move forward. We keep engaged with our clients even after the project is complete to ensure that they have what they need to continue the momentum.