Win Proposals & Grants

There is an art and a science to writing successful funding applications and navigating the requirements of specific government programs and departments. We understand what funders look for and how to align your goals with their aims. Using our proven five-step process, we have helped clients close more than $350 million in deals, grants, and new revenue opportunities.

Program Alignment

Our process starts with gathering information about your organization and the proposal guidelines. Using the application requirements, we develop a clear plan to align your project with the funding opportunity. We also identify other funding opportunities that can help you reach your goals.



We are skilled at facilitating group conversations and we know how to build consensus across diverse stakeholder groups. To develop a comprehensive proposal plan, we meet with team contacts, facilitate team meetings, and support discussions with the funder. The outcome: a compelling narrative and a detailed outline that includes project activities, budget, and timelines.

Application Preparation

Working closely with you, we draft the application, validating the argument with secondary research, open data sources, and relevant internal data. Any gaps between the proposal and funding requirements are identified and addressed with thorough follow-up research and client input. The application is further refined with your input and prepared for submission. To ensure your application can stand up to close reviewer scrutiny, we thoroughly copyedit and proofread all documents for clarity and impact. After we confirm approval with project leads, we look after the final step: application submission.

Supporting Materials & Components

We make it easy to identify partners and gather letters of support for your project. We prepare templates, reach out to partners, and consolidate supporting documentation for submission.