Kingston Economic Development Agency and City of Kingston

Developing an Integrated Economic Development Strategy

Our Expertise
Drive Economic and Workforce Development

The Situation

Kingston Economic Development Corporation and the City of Kingston partnered to complete their first integrated Economic Development Strategy.

Our Approach

Stiletto was engaged to develop the first Integrated Economic Development Strategy for the City of Kingston and Kingston Economic Development. Stiletto conducted extensive research and stakeholder consultations to ensure the data and strategic direction were validated and supported throughout the project. Stiletto provided materials and documents needed to support meetings and deadlines. The project began at the commencement of the COVID-19 pandemic. Stiletto was flexible and responsive, pivoting to create a recovery plan to mitigate the pandemic’s immediate risks and impacts, to build both a short-term economic plan and a long-term visionary roadmap to help the community accelerate recovery post-pandemic.

The Results

Stiletto’s engagement resulted in a ground-breaking Integrated Economic Development Strategy that: