Developing a Regional Strategy for Workforce Development

Central New Brunswick Workforce Development

Our Expertise
Drive Economic and Workforce Development

The Situation

Workforce development is a crucial economic development driver in communities globally. The New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Labour and Training (PETL) needed strategic direction to develop the workforce of the future for central New Brunswick.

Our Approach

Stiletto was engaged to develop the Workforce Strategy for Central New Brunswick. The client was seeking a strategic plan and roadmap to help bring together multiple organizations within the ecosystem to streamline activities and support for employers and employees to drive greater impact on helping to align the needs of employers with the availability of talent. The project included extensive stakeholder engagement with the Central Region Employment and Workforce (CREW) Committee members to ensure involvement and validation at the community level.

The Results

The project resulted in a detailed action plan and related activities to advance workforce development. The strategy launched in April 2022. The strategy group has engaged a full-time resource to mobilize the plan, and working groups to support employers and employees have been established and are ongoing.

The project included the achievement of the following: